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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the bad blogger sheepishly returns...heh heh

I have been a very bad last post was Nov. but I plan to make a hearty effort to think up some new thoughts. Actually i have had alot of thoughts rumbling around in my head ...i am still perplexed as to finding "my style"......just when i think i find this illusive thing called style i can make a complete u turn  into something quite different.  I am very fickle about staying with one style. Perhaps it has to do with being a relatively new painter. I started this journey in 2009. Maybe i worry too much about finding "it"......perhaps it will find me.


  1. i have just discovered you on etsy... and i think you have a definite style! and i, for one, love it :)

  2. This morning I followed the path from Cathy Cullis's blog to an image on your flickr site, and then to your etsy site and then here. What a lovely path it was I am glad I have found it. I enjoyed seeing your work - lovely faces!

  3. Oh it is so amazing where these little clues take us glad that you found your way here! Thanks for your comments and visit!


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