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Monday, November 14, 2011

How did it get to be November so fast?

I saw a exhibition of Chagall's work at the Ontario Art Gallery yesterday and fell in love all over again with Chagall!
So BEAUTIFUL...words fail. 
Have been busy painting and creating knit wear for my little shop. These are some of my recent paintings.
I am still fascinated with using the face as an image. It is i think a vehicle for describing something much more than a face. The emotions are so complex on a face that the slight curve of a line can change everything. So interesting.I still paint by intuition and hope that i will become more aware of what i am doing as i go along. developing a vocabulary of color and line or "learning to speak this illusive art language"fluently..


  1. Both paintings are beautiful! I love your style. And you're so right...the slight curve of a tiny line can totally change the mood of a face. That makes it so much more fun, doesn't it? :-)


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