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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Describing The Mystery ( my last series of paintings)

I have seen certain pieces of abstract art that are utterly beautiful and my words to describe them at a complete loss. What I often feel when viewing beautiful art is that I am in the presence of  something sacred. It is a spiritual beauty. I am in awe. It is the same beauty i sometimes try to express in my own  paintings. It is something beyond words. Perhaps abstract art  with its marks and color speaks to us from a different place. A place where words fail and art begins.
It is also  very illusive . Some days  if i am overtired and weary from the noise and hustle bustle of the city I feel very remote from the beauty around and within me. I think we need to protect and nurture that sensitive part of ourselves that allows line and color to flow. It is easily trampled but also very resilient. And with these words i bid you a good night and sweet dreams!I am very tired as I write this and hope I haven't rambled on to much!  The next post will be about silly things!


  1. I love the first one, and the second with houses. I've done a lot of houses over the years! Just love your work generally!

  2. Thank-you so much Margaret!! The feeling is mutual! Your art is exquisite!


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