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Sunday, July 24, 2011

"A Turn In The Road"

I have always been attracted to abstract art! One day while laying down some color to get started on one of my regular paintings i decided to free myself of image and let the color and line be the story! There is a lot to learn in abstraction. It is like learning a new language. These are a few of my first words!


  1. Lovely juicy colours!!
    The 2nd and 3rd ones from the top are my favourites :)

  2. Thank-you Micki! Letting the color loose from the image is fun but very challenging!

  3. ‎"a new language"
    I'm always moved by your message and I learn a lot.

  4. Thank-you so much Gustav. I am a great admirer of your work. You art teaches us the lesson of great beauty! You have this gift!


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