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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Texture Urban and mystical

I often notice the texture around me. The marked concrete in the city with it's scratches and layers of color made by wear. The other texture that interests me is more ethereal. The texture of fog and mist suggesting hidden images! I am fascinated by the mysterious beauty of life that seems to be so obvious  yet so hidden. I seek out that beauty in my art weather it is in a scraped piece of concrete or a certain expression i see in a face. Beauty is beauty no matter where you find it. It is everywhere! Perhaps art is a place that we can celebrate it! When words fail then art speaks its language of line and color!

Lately i have tried to incorporate this texture in my faces. A sample of some of the results:


  1. Oh wow, arty beautify busy! So lovely everyone!

  2. Thanks Julie-ann,
    So much to discover on this art adventure!

  3. i am just discovering your blog, post by post... and i love it!
    xo sandra

  4. Thank-you so much Sandra......i seem to be having some technical trouble with the "follow Gadget". It seems to have disappeared.....?

  5. > art is a place that we can celebrate it!
    I agree!

  6. Gustav thank-you for your comment. I feel as though we are surrounded by so much bad news and negativity that art for me is a place to celebrate life in all its forms!


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