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Monday, June 20, 2011

Expressing your authentic self through art

When I am painting I never know what is going to show up on my canvas that day. I sometimes feel like those Inuit carvers who search for the image in the stone. Maybe we are really searching for our authentic selves.Or maybe we are  searching for glimpses of our creator.  Or  maybe our authentic self is itself a reflection of  the creator.

I often lay down clues in the form of random colors on my canvas as starting points. Then I try to still my mind to become aware of the images that are waiting to be born.. I find this to be very healing. I am always in search of the hidden worlds of the spirit.


  1. I find using a multi laod of colours difficult.
    You make this art so naturally, it reminds me of Sarah Kiser's art, your both very gifted!
    I tried to put more colours in my painted face today and again covered it up. Hold much respect for your free rainbows!

  2. I sympathize with your words very much.

  3. Thank-you so much Julie-ann and Gustav! Your comments are so appreciated!


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