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Sunday, June 12, 2011

art thoughts

Wanting to explore a more abstract style in my painting. Painting is open to so many possibilities that I don't want to confine myself to one style. Although working in one style is a great way to learn and grow.
As a new painter (2years old) I felt a bit overwhelmed at first as to where to begin. I now feel more familiar with using a brush and paint.

It's funny but painting is something that I have always wanted to do but for some reason felt it was "beyond me" and took some gift that required great intellegence and talent. I chose to study fibre art at "The Nova Scotia College Of Art and Design"  instead. During the 70's Nascad was a very experimental school and I loved exploring texture and design. At this time very little painting was being done at this school and there was an emphasis placed on "conceptual art"  I found alot of it very obscure but it was a great place to push boundaries and explore materials.
If art becomes too much talk and requires the reading of a thesis in order to understand it; then who is it for? I don't like this elitist attitude. Art is for everyone and will speak to different people in many diff ways. Art is as diverse as the people who love it.
These are some of my favorite paintings exploring a more expressive style.



  1. Hi Sandi!! What a nice little site...I love all your new paintings especially the first one...the harlequin head and the blue/green head #6 and the last one with the girl and dancing cat...there's something about the sublety of colour that I like...the softness and inner glow!! Keep just gets better & better!! Peace & Love...Lee

  2. Love the colours and beauty of your art!

  3. What a fun collection of art, love them all :o)

  4. Thank-you so much Julie-ann and Ayala!

  5. very creative paintings! I like them.


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